AJC Copywriting & Editing

What My Clients Say

Fiction Book Editing:

'Thank you so much for all you’ve done to
help me finally get to this point!' ~Melissa Craven, Author of New YA Novel Emerge

‘Amber pointed out details which were overlooked, helped reword so that my characters sounded real, helped me keep the story line strong and identified key places where words needed to be stronger so the reader could better identify with the character and his or her emotions. ' ~T.E.

Non-Fiction Book Editing:


'The expertise in terms of readability and flow is unparalleled. Amber took a product that started off being pretty good and made it great! She gave me effective feedback while helping me to learn how to improve my skills along the way. I would highly recommend working with Amber.'
-Lisa Ryan, Author of The Upside of Down Times; Discovering the Power of Gratitude


‘Amber was an invaluable part of bringing Expert Insights to fruition. She took great care to consider the content of each chapter, format my thoughts in an insightful way, and then crafted each chapter to truly capture the intent of the content. Amber really put her whole self into the project and added such depth to the book. It would not be the quality product it is if it hadn’t been for her contribution.’ ~ Diane Helbig, Author of Expert Insights, Speaker, Radio Show Host, Professional Development Coach and President of Seize This Day Coaching



'Helped me clean it up and stay focused on my strengths, then 
fixed errors which were preventing me from getting interviews.' -S.K.


Professional Business Letters:

'Instrumental in expressing my intentions to investors and helped me get the funds to move forward with my business.' -J.E.


Brochures and Newsletters: 

'Good eye for layout and design. Amber showed us how to stay focused on the sale by eliminating unnecessary information '. R.S.

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